How to sell

  • If you have coins or medals that need to be realized, do not hesitate to contact us by writing an e-mail to or call +372 556 898 57. We will advise you, what to do with the specific coin or medal.
  • The items to be sold at auction are chosen at our discretion. We may refuse to sell items that are strongly damaged, soiled, with traits of forgery or unsuitable for us for any other reason.
  • Upon occurrence of any new circumstances, has a right to remove the items from sale.
  • The base price of the items is determined by in agreement with the seller.
  • After the items have been handed over, the seller receives an act indicating all items he/she has given for sale. Hereinafter, until the coins have been given to the buyer or returned to the seller, OÜ is prudently responsible for the items.
  • The commission fee is determined in agreement with the seller and can be up to 10%.
  • Gold and platinium commission fee is 7%
  • Lots that contains more than four items will be charged 15% commision fee.
  • The payment for sold items is made in 14 working days after the money has been transferred to account.


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